Saturday, November 24, 2012

Pan Asian Submarine

I've been craving Vietnamese subs, Korean food and vegetarian food lately. What to do? Put them all together in a crazy-delicious sub, of course! Basically everything here is a Vietnamese sub staple, but with Korean kimchi and Chinese egg tofu added.

Vietnamese sub
Some kimchi, purchased or homemade
Pickled daikon radish, purchased or homemade
Egg tofu

Let's do it!.. Lunch it up!
This whole thing is put together at work (if you have a toaster oven there). I packed the kimchi and daikon together, the coriander separate, the egg tofu in the little sausage case it comes with and the bread in a bag (that does NOT go in the fridge). I do this because I have a big problem with soggy bread, so I like my sandwiches to be made and eaten with the least amount of time in between as possible.
  1. Slice up the egg tofu into maybe 1/2" rounds and lay them on a piece of foil. I broiled them in the toaster oven until they darkened a bit. I only did this because I wasn't sure if you could eat these without cooking or not.
  2. Cut the bun almost the whole way through, open it and place it face down in the toaster oven and toast it.
  3. Put everything inside. Come on, I don't need to tell you how to make a sub.
So yes, you can make this ahead and eat it at work, if you don't have a toaster oven and if you're not quite as anal about bread integrity as I am.

Here's a pic of the little tofu-lets in the toaster oven. And yes, my coworkers do think I'm a bit too intense about food.

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